Previous work

Lions, tigers, and bears... oh my!  Signature Mural & Finish, Inc. Strutting our stuff with painting the minivan.

Paula Clayton: Chicago-based artist.

Hi, My name's Paula.

I was born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand, and spent 3 years back there after 15 years painting murals and faux finishes in the States.  

Painting, for me, has always been part of staying vaguely sane.  I had a ball over those 3 years painting whatever the heck I felt like.  Which started off being power poles, moved on to Karate Mermaids, and then landscapes. With occasional segues into whatever else appealed.

I'm now using those years of experience painting murals and faux finishes to support folks getting art in their own darn style. I love love love using the cool materials and goop we use in finishes to make art. I love love love even more when we can totally thrill you with getting your story up there and visual.

I paint artworks with artist's acrylics and many other delicious textural products  from the world of faux finishing and fine art.

And I keep saying "we" on the website. The "we" is a bunch of other artists DGB has teamed up with to offer you different styles and approaches to connect with.

What would you have, if you could have anything you wanted?

We paint canvases, urns and caskets with your story. And paint. Or goop. I love to work with people who see things. I would be delighted to help you to shout out your vision, your story, your adventures in the world.


If you could get your cool ideas out of your head and onto canvas, what could your life portrait, urn or casket look like?

Herreid2 2.jpg

Urn Designs & Life Memories.

  • More than just a portrait... illustrate your life, family connections and in-jokes, joys and passions.


  • Get prints to share with friends and family.


  • Use that art to wrap your story around an urn or casket to say goodbye in your own style.

  • Approximately 20 arty urn designs available for immediate ordering if you don't have time for more.


  • Give us a call, we'd love to brainstorm with you.



  • Do you have an artist in the family? We can integrate their work, bring everyone together.

  • People, pets, scenes or compositions that really reflect what matters to you. More than a portrait. More than a polished box.