What's the price of these fish?


Are you after a one-pager or do you have a web of information, services and products to share?



I'm starting out simple here, 


Basically ... 

  • $80 consultation, flat fee. I keep this for my time if we decide not to go ahead.  It pays for your first page if you decide to have me build your website for you.

  • $80/page for basic content (Nice design work, 250 words + a pic or two, a free app, linked with other pages properly)

  • $50/hour for any messing around I have to do outside of that  (like making longer or more complicated pages, editing writing or images, or creating content)

Third Party Costs:

The other costs, for things I’m not providing and yet you still need:

  • domain name

  • purchase of images

  • editing (text/images)

  • Wix upgrades

  • upgrades of apps

So for the whole fish:

If you can get your stuff together, you could have a 5 page website for $400.  It might cost you another $30 per year for your domain name and $10/month for upgraded hosting. Not bad!


Whatever extra help you need in content creation is available at $50 per hour.

Allow some room in your budget for extras. Good pictures and text are absolutely worth it. This site will represent you and your business. It will bring business your way - it is worth doing right. Even if it’s 2 pages and basic - we want it to sing for you.

You can start basic and add more as you go. Once your basic site has been constructed, you can hire me for a couple more hours to show you around Wix a bit and get you all self-sufficient.


I’m happy to do as much work as you throw my way, or point you in the right directions if you'd like to do it yourself.