This is another great document from (modified). We’ll go over this in our initial meeting, but you can get a head start now. Relax, it looks overwhelming but it makes things easier later, and I’ll sort it out with you when we meet, anyway.


This document will help you learn as much as possible about your business’s online needs and your preferences. You’ll want to remove irrelevant items and add any additional questions and ideas you have. I’ll then have a record to be able to answer many questions during the creation of your website.


Your Contact Information
  •   Name:

  •   Email address:

  •   Preferable telephone # to contact [Cell phone / home / business]:

  •   Best time to contact you: morning / afternoon / evening / weekend


Business Information
  •   Name of the business:

  •   Slogan or Tagline:

  •   Business address: Street_________________ City:__________

         State/Country: ________  Zip code: ____

  •   What type of business do you run? (Check all that apply.)

  •   Physical Store

  •   Online Store

  •   Offline Services

  •   Online Services

  •   Business phone number:

  •   Toll free phone number:

  •   Fax number:

  •   Service area (towns or neighborhoods served)

  •   Payment methods you accept (cash, check, Visa, Paypal etc.):


Hours of operation
  • Sunday - open from _________ to ___________

  • Monday - open from _________ to ___________

  • Tuesday - open from _________ to ___________

  • Wednesday - open from _________ to ________

  • Thursday - open from _________ to __________

  • Friday- open from _________ to ___________

  • Saturday - open from _________ to ________

  • Do you want to display hours of operation on your site or online? Yes / No


  •   Languages spoken:

  •   Year company/organization established:

  •   Brands offered (list the product/brands the business sells):


  •   Products & services provided:


  •   If relevant, what are your credentials? What kind of training do you have?


  •   How do your customers / clients currently find you?



Current Online Presence Website


  •   Do you currently own a website? Yes / No


  •   If yes, its domain is: __________ 


  • What do you like / dislike about your current website?


  • What do others like / dislike about your current website?


  • Is there anything from your current website that you want to include in your new one?



Social Channels
  •   Facebook - Yes / No / Yes, but not updated on a regular basis

  •   Twitter - Yes / No / Yes, but not updated on a regular basis

  •   YouTube - Yes / No / Yes, but not updated on a regular basis

  •   Google+ - Yes / No / Yes, but not updated on a regular basis

  •   Pinterest - Yes / No / Yes, but not updated on a regular basis

  •   Instagram - Yes / No / Yes, but not updated on a regular basis

  •   LinkedIn - Yes / No / Yes, but not updated on a regular basis

  •   Blog / Tumblr - Yes / No / Yes, but not updated on a regular basis

  •   Other _________

  •   Who updates your social media?


  •   How often?


Online Directories
  • Yelp! - Yes / No / Yes, but not claimed

  • Yellow Pages - Yes / No / Yes, but not claimed      Merchant Circle - Yes / No / Yes, but not claimed

  • Have you ever advertised for your business? Yes / No

  • If yes, what kind of advertisement did you use? (Check all that apply.)

  • Newspaper

  • Radio


  • Pamphlets/Brochures

  • Street signs

  • Email marketing campaign


  •   Other  __________


  • What worked?


  • What didn’t?


New Website’s Goals and Needs


  •   What are the main goals for your website? (Check all that apply.)

  •   I want potential clients to be able to find my business online

  •   I want to get phone calls from potential clients

  •   I want to get my name out and establish myself as an expert in my field

  •   I want to attract visitors to my physical location

  •   I want to sell my products and services online

  •   I want to build a community around my brand

  •   Who is the target audience of your website?


  •   Tell me a bit about your clientele.


  •   What do you want people to do after they visit your website?


  •   Do you keep a blog? Yes / No / Used to, but not anymore

  •   Will you need to update the site on a regular basis? If so, how often and with what kind of content?



  • Will you be selling items/services on the site? If so, please explain and list the approximate number of items if applicable. (attach document for a big list)


  • How do you hope this website will improve your company/business?



  •   Where do you see your business in 2 years? 5 years?


  •   Is there a deadline for this project?



New Website’s Look and Feel


  •   Is there any color scheme you need/want for your new website?

  •   Do you have a logo? If so, send the file.

  •   Please list other companies/websites similar to you. Explain what you like/don't like about their sites.


  •   What is the general look/feel/style that you want for your new site?


Gap Analysis


*** Please provide any and all relevant materials. (paper and digital). ***

This will be very valuable when I perform your gap analysis to see what else we need.


  • Please provide images of your business and staff. Note: If you don’t have professional photos, we recommend taking the following photos if relevant:

  • Storefront

  • Business interior, when it’s clean and organized

  • Your business with clientele inside

  • Staff photo (showing happy people!)

  • Photos that capture the atmosphere of your business

  • Photos of your products and services

  • If you’re building an online store, photos of all your products.

  • Is there any material that you want to include in your new website that isn’t ready yet

        (eg: testimonials, videos, photos etc.)?       Yes / No / Not sure


  • Do you already have email set up? If so, with whom? If not, how many addresses do you need?


Passwords and Sign-in Info


  • I will need your Wix account login information:

the email you use:  ____________

and your Wix password:  _____________



If I am going to need to integrate your site functionality with other online services you use I will need passwords and sign in information for the following. (Change passwords beforehand if you like):

  • Business email

  • Email hosting

  • Domain/Current website hosting

  • Gmail account if you have one

  • Merchant account(s)

  • Social media accounts