KidSnips 2015

After a couple of weeks of planning & painting big bright shapes we went onsite in Vernon Hills. Phew! That was an intense week. The staff were very helpful as we did our best to stay out of their way while quickly transforming the walls around them.

This was my first job working with Tamara, of Tamara's Backdrops. This woman is amazing! She has loads of experience, great attitude, and woohoo a studio full of good space & toys.

The other clever thing here is Tamara's suggestion of protecting the walls. some sections are likely to get beat up. They just are. We can paint tough paint, but its still just paint. Putting up some plastic sheets in those key areas can save the nice look of your new mural or finish. Especially if its a retail space.

So the big beautiful shapes are up and rocking in another KidSnips location.

Great job, everyone!

#Kidsnips #kids #commercial #brightmural #storemural

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