Optical Art in Naperville

Gee - you'd think from these latest posts that all we do is bright things! It's actually unusual, we spend a lot more time doing things people live with day-to-day. Which doesn't usually run to optical art.

But, it's all done now, and looks great. You can stand at a centerpoint to the two walls and have them do the vanishing-point thing to your eyes. Very fun. The DuPage Children's Museum also has an interactive geometric projection going on behind you if you are standing there. Which is the point, really, since it is their projection room.

The room has a shape like a short teardroop, and the two projectors do their thing on a nice curved wall. Kids can touch the wall and the light responds. So excitingly techno-visual.

Tamara, Nicole & I used our math skills, our taping skills, and borrowed other peoples skills and knowledge to boot. Yellow "frog" tape and "0" violet chalk dust are now our very good friends - a big THANK YOU to Melissa for the chalk dust suggestion.

The DuPage Children's Museum

301 N. Washington Street Naperville, IL 60540 (630) 637-8000


Make sure to check out their website before you visit - GPS for their real address will get you somewhere different, they have helpful directions online.

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