Onward: Debby Spertus

For about 5 years Debby and I painted together

Debby continued to paint murals and faux finishes for another couple of years before closing Signature Mural and Finish, Inc. Now she is back into Art, the Studio Art variety, and all excited about two particular processes:

Alcohol Ink:

Wild and spontaneous bright color. A very “in the moment”, and process-oriented medium. So different from the planned and meticulous approach of the woman I used to work with! (Who can draw like a camera). Much cool. I am her #1 first-sale-buyer, too, so there.

Debby will have a booth at the Edgewater Art Fair, coming up soon:

Sept. 26-27, 2015 | 11am-6pm | 1030-1140 W. Granville Ave

Sneak preview:


Reverse Glass Gilding:

Debby has always been a magpie. “Shiny thing - take back to nest”. Now she is producing luscious gilded platters & bowls. She even has a piece in the permanent collection of The Museum of Gilding Arts.


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