Endless Doors

And a dress-up costume to match. Even before Halloween.

Oooodles and oodles of doors. To clean and sand and wipe down and paint and do-it-all-over-again.

It's a jolly good thing that some people like doing stuff like that, isn't it?

I like the spraying. Terry likes cleaning.

Big thrills department in the Zen of Spraying.

Let alone those nice drying racks behind me! This is in Melissa's garage, a wonderful spray booth that may get returned to her family for regular garage use at some time in the future. Maybe. Officially. They hope so.

Meanwhile, before all this business with the doors, much prep and sanding and spraying of the actual cabinets. The "boxes".

And masking and cleaning and protecting, and all that good stuff... again.

Here Vicky and Melissa are preparing the cabinet boxes for priming.

Annnnd ... here we have the primed boxes. More rounds of spraying and cleaning etc. Then later we come back with the finished doors and, oh so nice!

​Terry installs the doors, and only makes threatening sounds at a couple of them, which is hugely impressive. All that adjusting and messing around to get them to hang in line.

Yay Terry!

Yay Melissa!

Yay all of us ... pretty doors all in place and a functional kitchen again for the Happy Homeowners.

Its like having new cabinets.

Without getting new cabinets.

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