Sunshine in December

Sometimes things don't turn out exactly as you had planned. Well, in the end they did, but we ran into a little glitch in getting there.

There is a sunroom in Wilmette that has spent the last few years as, well, storage, mainly. After all the water damage remodelling Carole & Rich decided to also deal with this room.

After a few adventures they have a wonderful little sunroom. this is an evening shot, I look forward to getting one during the day as the light comes in quite beautifully.

Nice, eh?

But, in the beginning, there was wallpaper... and Bad Things can be happening under wallpaper.

After some mud and time and mud and time and mud... etc. We could finally move on to primer and exciting textural goop (that was intentional) and a nice soft finish in dusky mauve/purple colors! Nice color choices, Carole!

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