Backsplashes to the fore

We often paint murals on walls that are completely unsuitable places to hang regular art. Hot and steamy showers do not compliment a framed watercolor. I can hang pictures on the wall going down the stairs, but they always end up tilted off center with kid traffic.

The same goes for kitchen: eggplant parmesan, nachos, spaghetti sauce, yum. On our artwork, I think not. Well, on our artwork - fine.

Look at that whole canvas right in front of you! That backsplash area that you spend so much time facing while you chop carrots & onions. There are all kinds of clever things you can do there, what would you like?

Here are some examples from jobs we've done in the past...

Based on artwork by Paul Klee... customize the color that you are around every day.​

Or combining a traditional theme, such as "Tuscan" with your own color preferences.

With the upper kitchen cabinets in a pale grey/blue, and deep brown for the lower cabinets, using the same color scheme let us go into more detail while remaining peaceful.

And not just the kitchen of course, we get to stare at the walls in the laundry, as well! (Those are folded towels in a basket, behind the faucet).

We have quite a plethora of backsplash murals on tumbled marble, vegetables and tuscan scenes. These can be painted onsite, or cut, laid out on ply and painted offsite then installed.

"C'mon Debby, take the picture already! This is a really uncomfortable position with the pipe stuck in my back!"

The wine and cheese was the first sample in the vegetable run, then the rooster below. You can see the mark-out lines for the switchplates. These things are important.

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