You Wanna Have A Go?

Kathy's Place, we call it. She has a studio/workspace/classroom/amazing fun spot out in Carol Stream, IL. Check out her website, or better yet if you think you'll be in the area give her a call & drop by. (You can just drop in, of course, but they might be in full swing and that can get just a bit scary).

Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes 504 East St. Charles Rd, Carol Stream, IL 60188


Google maps gives wrong directions, use instead:

498 E. St. Charle Rd,

Carol Stream, IL 60188 Toll Free: 800-797-4305 Phone: 630-653-2400 FAX: 630-653-4671

If you have any arty inclinations you'll be drooling within 10 seconds. Here's a space where you get to see loads of examples of what other people have done, with a warehouse full of textures and colors. Different products, workspace, materials, sample boards all prepared and ready for your itching fingers. Best best best of all? YOU'RE ALLOWED!

Go in and visit yes, but if you get a serious hankering (as I said, that takes about 10 seconds) go online and book yourself in to learn something. Kathy offers classes or individual instruction. Maybe you want to learn some trowelled-on finishes, or you just want to know how to do this glaze thing, here (hold it up & show Kathy or one of the crew).

Then if you get really into it come to an IDAL meeting. That's where a bunch of paint-geeks get together and get wildly excited about things like different priming products or glaze open-times, or what you can do with those funny new rollers and some synthetic venetian plaster.

Back in the day, (queue music), Debby and I were frequent flyers. We even got to be Artisans of The Month, a nice nostalgic moment:

I'm planning on going there this month as I have eyes for a wonderful over-the-top finish: Hollywood. Shiny.

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