Sparkles on High

There's this new bead & glitter mix which is just awesome! It goes on with a trowel... and CIFF has some developed some recipes so we can choose a color mix with confidence. very much coolness for a barrel ceiling & catching the lights.

Also much coolness thru a stencil - which is how we used it on this ceiling, like beads on a necklace radiating from the light fixtures.

Hmmm, though the camera doesn't show the sparklies in the way real eyeballs do.

You see it a bit more, here. Drats... faux finishes can be so unco-operative on the photogenic front. But it looks cool!

Kathy's crew at CIFF have a great sample board, too, to show the beads thru a stencil, with some different, and combined, mixes.

And happily I have a couple of the sample decks if you'd like to see the sparkles in person! Give me a call. :-)

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