Open Sesame!

Or Oregano.

The oregano pita was pretty good.

We had lots of good food at the Opening of the exhibit last night, and it was nice seeing friends & catching up. An "intimate crowd"?

I'm looking forward to the next couple of events at Genesis... the "Fabulous and Profitable" show-off on Monday with IDAL, switching over to online raffle sales (just worked that out today - phew), and then the final Closing Night & drawings of the raffles should be quite the hoot.

We're planning on broadcasting the raffle drawings with the "Periscope" app. Pending the fact that that will require another technical interface with the world & figuring out those things that people say... "oh, it's easy... you just..." uhuh. Good to have challenges in our lives, no? But it does look pretty doable & interesting. All these web things are pretty cool, eh? Despite the weirdness of everyone being in their own world with their devices we are also connected globally. Freaky.

#exhibition #art

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