Coming Up to the Big Event

Only a few more days until the raffles happen!

I've been playing around in Periscope (excuse me: #Periscope) doing live broadcasts. Yowch that is scary! I go live and any old yobbo around the word can tune in. Let alone stagefright and my rambling narrative.

The video is a rectangle shape since I am broadcasting from my cellphone. Gasp! Technology! Isn't that wild?

On the night, go here:

Gallery Closing is 6-8pm, raffle drawings start at 7pm.

Currently experimental ramblings. By then: suave presentation, I'm sure! I know, I know, it's Twitter. Ugh. But it is COOL! And I really want to be able to share this with friends & family & other fun people. This is 3 years of work going up for grabs.

Follow me on Twitter... yeh... but if you "follow" then you will get notifications when there's a live broadcast. So you won't miss it! Then unfollow once it's all done.

Paintings are still hanging at Genesis Art Supply, 2525 N. Elston. Raffle tickets are available online at:!raffle-sales/l336d.

  • support an artist you know

  • go to the website

  • look at the painting galleries (buttons below raffle ticket take you there)

  • share this with some friends

  • see which painting(s) you'd like

  • buy ticket(s) and say which painting you want each ticket to go toward.

  • be there on the night & say "hi!" AND win & walk away with some original artwork. Woohoo!

Gosh, what a lot to do! And it has all the indications of being a crazy fun night - so I'd love to see you there! Last minute ticket sales onsite. Food, friends, art... what more could you want?


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