"Did You Know You Bought 150 Brownie Bites?"

"Well, you know. People like brownies. I like brownies."

"Yes, and you think maybe 30 people will come?"

"I think so"

"Yeah, and that's like, 3 each."

"but not everyone is going to eat brownies"

<disbelieving look>


"Ooo - then maybe we get 6 each!"

"Ooh, and then there's the healthy thingies, too."

Please come tonight & help us eat 144 brownie bites, 64 healthy-ish "Aussie Bites" (I think they must be modeled on ANZAC biscuits with added superfood stuff), much fresh produce, 40 plain pita, 30 whole wheat pita, some salsa & chips, cheese, oregano & feta pita, guacamole, apples, carrots, 2 pineapples, some cheese, some pop & juice, ummm... we have food.


AND we have art! All good stuff, peoples!

#happy #art #exhibition

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