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Decay, dirt, deterioration? Erosion? Rust, verdigris, dirt & grunge. Not usually something we’re delighted about, but oooOOoo... it’s a very urban, cool, city, grimy look. Finishes can be smooth or supercrunchy, with many stops in between. Use as a worn effect… the breakdown of one surface revealing another. Oxidization, patina, wear & tear. Bronze, copper, steel or stone variations. Choose your color scheme and turn up the volume!

Working with Melissa Loutos, owner of Bella Muri, on a grunge wall in Barrington a couple of weeks ago.

It’s also very classic, classic, and classic -- what do you think old stuff looks like, clean? Think: Italy, Greece, Pictish, Temples in the Jungle, Ye Aged Art of Olde.

We transform stuff:

• Adding 3D elements, with the help of cool products, depending on surface/situation

• super shiny surfaces with foils for extra zap (for an interior job)​​

• metallic paints for exterior

• on a backsplash, in a bathroom...

• ...feature panels in a dining room, floors, office walls

• make a fountain, an outdoor garden wall, a garden niche/window/door…

• or an excellent photography backdrop

​​​​A nice bit of aged zinc? Faking it is utterly worth it. To customize the real thing is super cool, but also super expensive. If your budget is under $30,000 give us a call!

(Also - our mold don’t stink.)​​​​​​

​​To get some ideas, Google “Urban Grunge Mural.”

Check out some ideas I think would translate well on Pinterest:​​

check out Paula's website:

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