What's In A Tree?

Humans like trees. Strong, sheltering, reassuring. That's good stuff to us!

Where are these trees? Well, anywhere, really… as we seem to relate to them quite well. And yippee, it's a customizable thing, so grab a thought or two & run with it! Be inspired by:

• Maurice Sendak’s great forest for the Wild Things

• Rock the black & white thing like Shel Silverstein did with his ink drawings

• In your bathroom, kitchen, kid’s rooms, stairwells, patio, garage doors... lining the hallway

Murals run approx. $40/sq foot

• Using regular paint or 3D goop

• With silhouettes

• Wild colors

• Natural hues

One nursery tree: $500.

Bring a natural, sheltered feeling into a space or transition into a magical space: the tree anchors, then you look beyond to… your imagination.


• work with existing elements

• add your own

• get smart with space: choose where the higher detail works best.

• throw in a monkey

• or get tastefully Tuscan

Green trees during wintertime... that's nice! Murals don’t even need watering or fertilizer. In fact they prefer to avoid both. A tree mural outside is big time frost resistant. Versatile in design: color, density, pattern. Many different feels: magical, soft, classic, earthy.

The panels below were painted by Signature Mural & Finish artists for the Huntington Woods Beautification Committee in Detroit, MI. Take a look at the video of the installation: excellent adhesion & durability with automotive paints on aluminum panels!

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