Curtains For Tintin


Which just points out that I'm a foreigner. Except for some die-hard comic geeks & cartoon-buffs... here in the USA people haven't really heard of Tintin so it's not even a good joke. That's OK. I'm faux funny. :-)

But "Oh no, Snowy... it looks like it's Curtains for Tintin!" goes thru my head every time I paint curtains, so lucky you, I shared.

Anyway: here you go, curtains, obscure-foreigner style, and the effects of painting them...

• to frame a stage or scene

• to create a soft element in a mural or another layer of depth

• to add drama

• to tie in color & pattern in a flowing way

Faux things help transition between our 3D reality and a painted fantasy. A faux window or door, yes… but curtains are a good trick, too. The curtains can reference existing fabrics: tying together color & pattern and reality & fantasy.

Previous clients used this approach in varied ways:

One client wanted to see more of the fabric she had from her mother, but only had enough to make a couple of cushions.

Another one didn’t want the whole curtain thing, but was pleased with the detail of a couple of tassels hanging from the doorknobs.

Another client wanted the impact of big dramatic curtains in their little home theatre room.

Show off your impressiveness & cleverness…

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  • Now, you’re an official fan and you need to find out what all your new friends are up to!

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