Flying Kitties, Surfing Pups

Love your pets more than people, some days? Join the club.

Bright and fun... one section of the front side of the counter for Fido's Food Fair.

Let’s face it, puppies, kittens, and fish are part of the family. Personalize your customized mural by adding an imaginative image of your beloved one into a colorful scene. You don’t have to have a whole mural to support your pet. I mean, please don’t get me wrong… you can if you would like - (use us to paint large and extensive murals that your pets can romp in) - but a portrait along with a dropped shadow are probably all you really need to put on smile on your face. Just a touch of paint adds whimsy and sentiment!

Family pets under the bunkbeds at the cottage Portraits of new additions to the family

Trompe l’oeil means “to fool the eye”... the name we use when we paint something to look realistic, or magically realistic, with perspective tricks and stuff like that. The result? You are fooled into believing for that something is real for a second, or two.

True elements painted in an imagined setting add to the illusion.

Why use a splash of Trompe l’oeil?

• for whimsical wonder

• to personalize your customized mural for the family

• add lively energy into your home

• bring on the sentiment

• add a special something that is only yours

• FUN!

Not just the pets themselves: but also their playgrounds

So perch your parrot over the kitchen door, have your great dane waiting in the hallway, and sit your Siamese on top of the office closet. The sky’s the limit for your little - and sometimes not so little - ones.

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