Make a Splash

Got a nice pad?

Life can be stressful, and your home is your oasis. Nothing says ‘soothe’ like a tranquil pond alive with gentle water rippling and koi swimming just under the surface.

Painted on a concrete bathroom floor - Hyde Park, Chicago.

Koi help you to unwind at home with the soothing effect of calming motion. Just one or two of these aquatic friends add life and movement to your living space. BUT HECK - who wants to deal with water ph, algae, and feeding etc 24/7???

Whew - you can fake it with faux & still get the feeling.

Koi really lend themselves to use on a horizontal surface:

• counter or tabletop

• walls, tiled floors or even a concrete patio

• Interior or exterior

• In a faux metal: such as aged zinc or copper

• painted, stencilled, or sculpted

While methods vary, the result is consistent - that calm we all crave.

And remember - murals don’t bite (or leak). So start eyeing up the horizontal surface around you, they might need a pond!

3D concrete with acid & pigment colors

#koi #floormural #funmural #concrete #patina

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