Beyond the Beige in Business

Could your business use a splash of color?

Get fiscal with pretty


Sweet rewards! Illinois Nut & Candy in Evanston. When the owner of this delicious store chose to add an attention-grabbing, pepperminty mural to the storefront, sales increased 20% within one month.

• Paint not pixels. The KidSnips chain zapped energy and fun into its locations by painting bright green strié with loud, funky shapes along their walls as part of a re-branding campaign. New look = increase in customer base.

• Grab their attention. Third Coast Futons: a futon and homegoods store located on the lower level of a furniture store. We enticed shoppers downstairs via mural art. Potential customers in the door = sales.

Murals: durable & distinctive works of art that not only add beauty and atmosphere to your workplace, but drive patronage. Paint a stratosphere; watch your ROI fly.

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