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Yikes! A burn mark on your countertop, outdated tiles on your backsplash, 1970's formica? Resurrect your kitchen, laundry, or bathroom counters and back splash areas. We can go over tile, uneven surfaces, even stick to formica.

Re-finishing your countertops means you don’t have to rip out the whole kitchen or bathroom. Stay in budget. Get us to beautify that ugly-but-sound surface.

Resurface... rejuvenate

​ ​​​

Woohoo! endless options:

• Faux Granite or metal

• Artwork

• Stencilling

• Skip trowel

• More, of course.

Go ahead: embed objects or thrill to trilobites and dinosaur fossils in your overlay… yes, it can be done. (Not for-real, it’s OK, for-faux)

Once your new countertop is sealed with epoxy, it is FDA approved food safe. Go for the thinner DC Spartic sealer and your surface is heat safe to 500 degrees. Both options easy to clean and durable.


  • thicker

  • embed objects

  • heat safe to 200 deg.

  • more of a 3D look to the faux marble

  • very little odor

DC Spartic:

  • thinner layer

  • can be used vertically

  • heat safe to 500 deg

  • stinks for first couple of hours

It’s time to resurface… let us create something both irresistible and affordable!

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