The Wild Thing

One of a mural’s best uses?

To let yourself GO with your creative groove.

Who cares? It’s paint.

You can go a little crazy and express those associations that your personal human neurons link to happiness. Then guess what… each time you see that wall you’ll get a little happy smile on your face. Because Good Lord, how often do we really get to let loose?

It’ll probably be another 10 years before you want to redecorate that room again, which is 3652 little smiles worth of “So there!” One of the best places to Do The Wild Thing is in a bathroom. You don’t even need to book a flight.

• small select space

• you only visit - you don’t live there

• fun for guests

Not that you’re limited, of course.

Our house has a jungle on one wall in the workout area.

I had a job in my early-to-Chicago time of painting ancient Guatemalan drinking cup decorations on a living room wall.

One of my favorite murals was combining pictures from the Hubble space telescope with a couple of background elements from Gaugin paintings (top). And that was in a kitchen. My friend Kitty also painted all the kitchen cabinet boxes at that house with birds and flowering branches on a gold background. (Sort of like the “Backsplash Ideas” main pic here: but with sparrows and other small birds instead). It looked awesome!

So what gets you going? :-)

#happy #murals #funmural #wild #bathroom #laundry #floormural

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