Leafy Finish

I love this finish as it is probably the most versatile Arty Finish I do. It’s cool because you can vary the density. Wallpaper doesn’t do that - you can’t wave your hand and say “I’d like more pattern in that corner there, but soften it up in that big middle area will you?”.

Well, you can with this!

It’s a hand-painted finish that brings a natural feel to a space. Costs around $8 - $15/sq foot depending on your foliage density requirements. You can cover a lot of space and get a nice dappled light/tree feeling without breaking the budget. Start making trees out of it and you are going more $15 - $40/sq’. But that’s the nice thing… you can easily transition in & out of price ranges.

This is useful for areas you know you will have furniture in, but it may be moved, but then you also have that big vertical spot over there that you’re unlikely to do anything with… Interior, exterior, any colors. Looks great in soft greens or greys.

I’ve used it a a background leading to murals in commercial settings, a soft wallpaper alternative in a few foyers, to fill in square footage between focus areas with a zoo exhibit, and in kid’s rooms and bathrooms.

Very versatile!


#Leafy #tree #trees #murals #fauxfinish #funmural #bathroom

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