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Bored with your doors? Think magic.

Doors: they get you from A to B, from one room to another.

Murals: they get you from A to B, one reality to another.

Ah, what a great combo! A fun mural on the door leading to your garage, for instance, can give you a little Narnia action as you go to your car.

You don't have to do the whole door to add a little fun.

• Mural an existing door. Choose a trompe l’oeil type thing to add space that isn’t really there (like some nice Italian winding street… or whatever takes your fancy).

• Invent a door: unify a space broken up by several boxy elements. Thermostats and electrical panels and pantry doors, for example, could turn into a fruit vendor’s cart.

• Grunge it up as a dungeon entrance, faux barn wood, or a heavily verdigris’d slab of copper.

• Transmute aluminum to wood for your garage door

• Give depth to a mural panel in the garden by adding a broken arch. Add trellis, clematis, fountain... go to town!

Chicago has many examples to draw from - just take a wander down any street to see a range of interesting doorways and framing options!

Chicago has many great examples of doorways
Chicago has many great examples of doorways

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