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We usually just visit the bathroom, so it is cool to make it a place you’d like to visit.

Which doesn’t mean you have to live there, of course. Make it into:

• A favorite vacation beach. Nantucket?

• Dunes, waves, water…?

• Choppy, wild, waves

This is not a grey solution…

Well… it could be, actually.

Imagine a bathroom with a bleak & stormy grey beach… steel blues & grey in the sky, tree skeletons and tangled seaweed line the tide line.

Wind lashes the waves as malignant clouds roil across the sky and the wet gravel underfoot anchors seagrass, bent back by the ferocious wind.

Oh hang on - that's home I'm thinking about. Hi everyone!

#murals #funmural #bathroom #wild #koi #fauxfinish

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