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Fireplace upgrade

Do you have a beast of a fireplace or some other strange decor event from Days Gone By that is functional but just downright ugly?

Can’t stand it anymore?

Fear not!

It’s possible, pretty easy and much cheaper to change that look without ripping the whole thing to pieces.

I took the above photos while working with Ann Killelea

(Ann Art: www.annartfauxfinishes.com). Ann had a client with a brick fireplace who really wanted a marble fireplace with a fieldstone base. No problem! Ann is definitely a Queen of Concrete. She can do magic with goop.

So go ahead - turn brick into adobe, or marble, or whatever wild or mild thing you want!


• Imagination… get your freely dreaming bits on and cut loose.

• Faux finish over existing surface to create or remove texture

• Make pretty as required

• Concrete can be your friend… brick does not have to look like brick. Or, conversely, drywall can look like brick... if you want it to.

This one was recent - a very modern new construction home in Lincoln Park where they wanted something interesting with a horizontal stone look, using the colors of the newly installed marble & fresh paint (HC-83, I think). The finish is over drywall, and the gas fireplace underneath has those fancy different LED color options. Nice!

#fauxfinish #fireplace #texture #concrete

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