Skip That

Throwing in the Trowel

The trowel, not the towel. Here's a great finish for creating an earthy, warm tone for your space. Cover large areas, or highlight a space with a fairly simple and quick effect.

Skip troweling.

• The “rustic plaster wall” thing… uneven texture in a nice intentional way over a surface.

• A simple, attractive way to deal with pitted scratched up walls.

• You’ve seen it everywhere, it’s familiar.

• Covers space, creates interest in a nice earthy way.

• Works nicely with murals - lends itself to the creation of a faux arch & scene.

• A nod to the classic Greek/Roman.

• A good yet inexpensive look for restaurants, kitchens, hallways and bathrooms.

Skip troweling is an application method - which means I can use a bunch of different materials to get that look. Give me a call if you're thinking about it: anything from clay plaster to cement... with stops in between for metallic plasters & some funky creative options.

with a purple glaze

skip troweled surface on walls & ceiling... adds a little depth.

OK - this is a painting... but you know: that rough plaster olde worlde look on the walls.

Skip trowel walls & columns around mural.

Vines painted over the trowel work, then washed out for a softer effect.

#skiptrowel #texture #fauxfinish

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