Need a website but you don't have time?


I design basic websites using the Wix platform: a very user friendly place for you to operate and maintain the site once it's all set up. Carry on with what you do best, and let me do the bulk of the setup work to create your website for you. 

client sites

Vital Body Yoga

Dr. Andrea Bunch is a Yoga Therapist and Dr. of Physical Therapy - what great combo! Andrea already had a Wix site, but needed a bit of help upgrading and adding some cool features. Wix lists provide standard formats which are easy to change and edit without worrying about messing up formatting.

Dr. Burton Singerman | Expert Psychiatric Witness

Dr. Singerman had a business card, but no website, and it was TIME. In particular Dr. Singerman needed a full resume page, with a shorter version, and downloadable PDF. His main clients are lawyers and hospital administration and they need to check him out thoroughly. Which is not a problem as Dr. Singerman has 18 pages of incredibly impressive resume.

The Trek site was hosted elsewhere, and BJ needed to be able to easily update and manage the site herself.  We kept to the original theme colors, worked out a new layout, added extra pages and info. The laser rental business is rapidly expanding, and BJ needs to be able to quickly respond to customer demand.

IDAL Heartland Chapter website

I am currently the secretary of our local chapter of the International Decorative Artisans League. I wanted a way to let everyone know what is going on, be able to post fun things, have a member directory and comments page... oh hello, it occured to me that I could make a website. Duh. Of course I kept thinking of more things as I was putting it together, and will probably continue to think of more yet.


This site has some open, and some members-only pages. The list feature is great for the member directory. I have added contributors so that anyone on the board can access and edit the site. It links to the chapter Facebook page, and I hope to introduce Pinterest to the group and spark a fury of ideas there, as well.

Fat Cat Pizza | Wix learning exercise

One of the exercises in the Wix webmaster course introduces fun & useful features such as lists, calendar, events and animations. It's not a real site, not a real business, but I enjoyed it and quite fancy the color scheme.


Wix offers a great selection of free tutorial videos - so if you want to learn more about how to build & maintain your website check them out.

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Chicago mural artist Paula Clayton paints murals and designs websites

Got a business card?  Now you need a website! How can I help ... ?


  • I have worked as a professional artist for 15 years, organizing and implementing projects from concept to completion.

  • I'm building my portfolio as I'm learning to be a Wix webmaster.

  • You get the opportunity to have an experienced artist design your site for student pricing.


Call me to set up a consultation for only $80.  We'll map out what you need, then we can quickly get to the essentials and get you an online presence.